Who ever said work can't be fun? Who ever said the only work at home opportunities are stuffing envelopes or shady Internet scams? Who ever said to make real money you have to get a "real" job? Certainly not us!

The Internet is full of opportunities for talented web designers, programmers, and techs. However, most people in these groups find jobs hard to come by. By providing a service to the Internet community and giving a little of your knowledge (via the Freebies board), you will increase your chances at building your client base while providing a valuable service.

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Why register? As a registered "SupportFreak", you are notified by e-mail the moment anyone posts on our Freebies™ board. This gives you the advanatage to respond quickly to a potential customers needs.

What should I do once registered? Edit your profile on the Freebies™ board, and update your signature file with your contact information and a few words about what you offer. Any blatent advertising or self promotion posts will be deleted. It is important that the SupportFreaks.com Freebies™ boards remain a valuable tool for those seeking computer/Internet help.

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